Podcast Pingback

Looking for the Podping.cloud project from Podcast Index? Please refer to their website for more information.

Podcast Pingback vs NRP RAD

Feed vs ID3

Podcast Pingback advertises one or more data receiving endpoints in the RSS feed for a podcast. RAD advertises an endpoint in the ID3 tag of the podcast audio.

Server Implementation

Pingback requires an endpoint that accepts all events and then, potentially at a point in the future, those events need to be analysed to make sense of the data. Conversely, RAD events are already pre-defined, so the process simply totals the incoming events.

Client Implementation

Pingback defines a basic list of events to be reported, there's no content to be parsed ahead of time by the client to know what events to report. Conversely, RAD requires the client to parse a list of events in the ID3 tag and then monitor for those events to occur.